Welcome to Mool Chand Jain Hospital

You are at right place & in safe hands to get healthcare facilities in streams of orthopaedics, general surgery, medicine, physiotherapy, weight management ,cosmetic & diagnostic services. Here we always try our best to make sure of every patient’s comfort, satisfaction & results worth boasting.

Special Expertise in:

Special expertise in Sports Injuries, minimal invasive surgeries, Arthritis and other Spondylo arthropathies.

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    We care

    We strive our best to chalk out tailor made treatment plan for each case. Patient’s need and concern is of prime importance for us. We find out best option for the patient and also consider his/her expectations & constraints. The staff is very sympathetic and considerate, cooperative and understanding. Our motto is to create a homely and congenial environment. Patients’ comfort ranks high in our priorities. Moreover we try our best to minimize hospital stay.
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    Utmost transparency

    We exercise utmost transparency. Different treatment options, pros & cons of every option, course of treatment and prognosis are well explained. Approximate hospital stay and cost of treatment is disclosed beforehand with no hidden expenditure.

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    Prevention is better than cure

    We at Moolchand Jain Hospital not only treat but strive our level best to get that or other illnesses prevented for the patient. Prevention remains one of the important advices in our prescriptions. Awareness, life style modification, patient education and training for individuals and in groups and camps are our tools in the armamentarium of prevention.