About Us

Serving Since Aug 23, 2001 Mool Chand Jain hospital is a multi-speciality hospital situated in Ganaur.

We are providing world class facilities at doorstep. We practise very genuinely . High competence, updated concepts, a cost effective & economic health care is what’s on the offer in this hospital. With continuously upgrading our diagnostic & curative services, we are on path of adding new streams besides the existing ones of orthopaedics, general surgery , medicine, physiotherapy& life style management. A sound infrastructure, state of the art operation theatre, well equipped & well furnished, latest implements, appliances& instrumentations aid in making our efforts world class. We treat under latest guidelines, with prolific use of timetested, refined and latest techniques and treatment modalities. We carve out the best possible for the patient. Within our constrains, whatever we do, we do perfectly.

Centre of Excellence

  • 1. Latest treatment with best possible outcome
  • 2. Continuously updating our skills and knowledge
  • 3. Continuously upgrading our infrastructure, technology
  • 4. We own best success records

A class of perfection

The hospital entertains the cases which we can boast of treating at ease. Though we accept challenges, we make sure we don’t get caught at a wrong end. We most often do what we can do with perfection.

Optimal healthcare

  • Economical and cost effective healthcare
  • Best possible treatment option
  • Charitable packages for needy patients
  • Sympathetic approach, personal touch and great concern for each patient.